Copying and Pasting in MindMeister

This feature is available to all users

Use copy/paste to duplicate and insert elements into your mind maps more efficiently. Read on for a quick overview of the best tips and tricks.

To copy or paste in MindMeister, use the following keyboard shortcuts:


Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste



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Copy/Paste Topics

You can cut, copy or paste topics anywhere in your mind map. To paste a topic onto another branch of your mind map:


  1. Copy/Cut a topic with Ctrl+X or Ctrl+C.
  2. Select the topic you'd like to paste to.
  3. Paste your topic with Ctrl+V

Copying/cutting a mind map topic automatically cuts/copies its child topics.

Copy/Paste Between Browser Windows

If you’re logged into your MindMeister account in two different browser windows at the same time, you can copy and paste topics between browser windows.


You can also move topics and subtopics via drag and drop.


Copy/Paste Text

Pasting plain text into a mind map automatically creates a new topic with the pasted text. When pasting longer lists, you might find it helpful to use outline mode.



Copy/Paste Images

Images copied to your clipboard can be pasted directly onto a topic in your mind map. Just select the topic and press they keyboard shortcut  Ctrl⌘ V.



Copy/Paste Links

Paste any URL to a map topic to attach a link to that topic.



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